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Small Brown Military Map Bag

A small, military map bag with canvas shoulder strap. New old stock.

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What's for sale?

This is a small, miltary shoulder bag which was designed for carrying maps and makes an ideal, lightweight, waterproof carrier for your essentials.

It's made from stiff canvas with a waterproof vinyl outer covering and leather trim.  The canvas shoulder strap is adjustable and fixed via carabiners to two shorter canvas straps that have been sown into the back.

It's a slim bag with concertina-style sides that expand to take thicker items.

The contents are secured by a flap, buckled at the front and inside are the main compartment and two small pockets.

The main compartment is almost the full height and width of the bag and can accomodate 230mm x 150mm x 45mm (9" x 6" x 1.75").

The two pockets are secured by a second flap and can each accomodate a couple cards or tickets at 75mm x 85mm (3" x 3.5").

Our photographs show an Ordnance Survey map, 5" phone and plastic card to demonstrate the bag's size.

Who made it and when?

This is the type M39 message bag, made for the Russian military during the Second World War and probably into the 1950s and 1960s.

What condition is it in?

  • New old stock  (they're old but unissued and unused)
  • In very good condition
  • There's some tarnishing to the buckle
  • The canvas has a few marks on it here and here

What are the measurements?

  • 26cm high
  • 18.5cm wide
  • Empty, it's from 2cm to 4cm thick
  • 1200mm maximum strap length
  • 368 grams

The mannequin dress form in the pictures is around size 10-12.

If you have questions or would like more detailed pictures, just send us an email to

Late 20th century (1950-1999)
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