For sale here is our unique selection of second-hand and vintage kitchenware and tableware for condiments and baking.

We have cruets, salt and pepper pots, oil sprayers and drizzlers.  And for baking we have dredgers, sifters and casters. Some are handmade examples of studio pottery, while others are from larger manufacturers.

We've chosen them because they're interesting and collectable and look good on display, but they're also perfectly usable for their intended purpose.

Jeannette Jadite Green Glass Sugar Shaker

A small, American sugar shaker, caster or sifter. Second-hand.

Price & Kensington Blue Sheep Design Oil & Vinegar Set

A rare set of corked pouring jugs in a bespoke holder with handle, and hand-decorated in their spongeware sheep design. Second-hand.

Price & Kensington Blue Sheep Design Sugar Bowl

A small, flared sugar bowl with hand-decorated, spongeware sheep design. Second-hand.

Art Deco Hand Hammered Pewter Sugar Shaker

A tall, obelisk form, sugar shaker, caster or sifter, in food-safe, leadless, English pewter. Second-hand.

Bretby Blue & White Sugar Shaker

A large, 1930s, ceramic sugar shaker or caster by Bretby Art Pottery. Second-hand.

Blue On Brown Salt Glazed Pot

A small, hand decorated lidded pot in brown and cobalt blue. Second-hand.

Viner's Craftsman Sheffield Pewter Sugar Shaker

A hand hammered, large sugar shaker or caster, in English, leadless pewter and from the 1920s or 1930s. Second-hand.

Hand Hammered Pewter Sugar Shaker

A hammered sugar caster or shaker in leadless English pewter, with threaded top. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt & Pepper Pots

Signed, salt-glazed salt & pepper pots by the renowned British potter. Second-hand.

Phil Yordy Flour Dredger

A studio pottery flour caster or dredger by Canadian potter Phil Yordy. Second-hand.

Royal Brierley "Honeysuckle" Crystal Sugar Shaker

A Dartington Crystal, cut-glass sugar caster with silver plated lid and collar. Second-hand.

English Pewter Salt & Pepper Pots

A pair of English pewter salt and pepper pots. Second-hand.

Wellhouse Pottery Oil & Vinegar Jug

A handmade, brown-over-grey vinegar or oil pourer. Second-hand.

Pewter Art Deco Style Sugar Shaker

A stylish sugar caster made from lead-free, English pewter. Second-hand.

Gres De La Roche Salt Glazed Pot by Jos Kalb

A salt-glazed, medium-sized pot in grey and cobalt blue. Second-hand.

Blue and Green Salt & Pepper Pots

A pair of salt and pepper pots in a typical 1970s modern design. Second-hand.

Sugar Shaker with "The Fens" Pattern

A porcelain sugar caster decorated with an English rural scene called "The Fens". Second-hand.

Art Nouveau Cut Glass Sugar Shaker

An Edwardian century cut-glass sugar caster with silver plated lid and collar. Second-hand.

Blue and Grey Salt Glazed Pot

A hand painted, salt glazed, German mustard or preserve pot in grey and cobalt blue. Second-hand.

Midwinter Oriental Sugar Shaker

A rare, oriental pattern, Staffordshire sugar caster by Midwinter. Second-hand.

Tall White Studio Pottery Salt & Pepper Pots

A pair of large, studio pottery salt and pepper pots. Second-hand.

Walker & Hall Silver-plated Sugar Shaker

A Victorian or Edwardian era, silver-plated sugar shaker or caster made by Walker & Hall. Second-hand.

T G Green Streamline Sugar Sifter

An earthenware sugar shaker made by T.G Green. Second-hand.

Midwinter Brama Sugar Shaker

A Staffordshire sugar caster in Midwinter's "Brama" pattern. Second-hand.

Hicks & Meigh No 21 Stoneware Staffordshire Sauce Boat

A collectable, early 19th Century china sauce boat made by Hicks and Meigh and decorated in their "No 21" pattern. Second-hand.

Conical Glass Oil Sprayer

A large, conical, glass, hand-pressurised oil sprayer. Second-hand.