Hornsea Pottery John Clappison Bird Dish

A small, green and black dish in an iconic 1960s design by the well regarded British designer. Second-hand.

Porthmadog Pottery Blue and Yellow Plate

A handmade, studio pottery plate from the North Wales pottery, with beautiful, swirling design by A. Williams. Second-hand.

Crown Ducal Ware Octagonal Bowl

A typically stylish, decorative bowl from 1920s England. Second-hand.

WMF Wächtersbach Art Nouveau Jugendstil Bowl

An early 20th century, metal and ceramic bowl designed by Christian Neureuther and possibly Joseph Olbrich. Second-hand.

Minton Lyre Pattern Pedestal Bowl

A late Victorian or Edwardian, porcelain footed bowl with attractive, transfer and hand-painted decoration. Second-hand.

Pierre D'Avesn Art Deco Opalescent Glass Bowl

A small, opalescent glass bowl by the admired French designer Pierre D'Avesn. Second-hand.

Small Handmade Ricard Striped Fish Ashtray

A handmade, green, promotional ashtray for the French pastis brand. Second-hand.

Large Handmade Ricard Fish & Starfish Ashtray

A handmade, red and green, aquatic, promotional ashtray for the French pastis brand. Second-hand.

Small Handmade Ricard Yellow & Blue Fish Ashtray

A cute, handmade, promotional ashtray for the French pastis brand. Second-hand.

Small Handmade Aquatic Ricard Ashtray

A handmade, fish-themed, promotional ashtray for the French pastis brand. Second-hand.

André Giraud Limoges Blue and White Porcelain Pedestal Bowl

A large porcelain bowl with footed base. Second-hand.

Art Deco Orange Glass Bowl

A finely detailed, Art Deco, pressed glass bowl. Second hand.

Large 19th Century Japanese Arita Charger

A beautifully decorated, hand-painted, large, 46cm or 18", porcelain bowl or charger. Second-hand.

G Vallon Cherries Opalescent Glass Bowl

A 1930s, opalescent glass bowl signed G Vallon, Made In France. Second-hand.

French Opalescent Glass Bowl

A medium sized, mid 20th century, opalescent glass bowl from France. Second-hand.

Ironstone "Amherst Japan" Pedestal Bowl

A large Ironstone bowl with footed base. Second-hand.

George Davidson Amber Cloud Glass Pattern 9421 Plate

An 11 inch plate from George Davidson's amber Cloud Glass range. Second hand.

Tiptoe Cat Bowl by Val Sparkes

A blue and white striped studio pottery bowl decorated with a cheeky cat. Second-hand.

Studio Pottery Puffin Plate

A beautifully painted plate with puffin design. Second-hand.

Iridescent Royal Brierley Studio Glass Bowl

An iridescent glass bowl from Royal Brierley's Studio art glass range. Second-hand.

Tall Stemmed Glass Tulip Bowl

A unique, hand-blown tulip-shaped glass bowl on a twisted stem. Second-hand.

Royal Worcester Poppies Bowl

A large, Royal Worcester bowl in their "Poppies" design. Second-hand.

Large Handmade Gold-Painted Glass Bowl

A hand-blown, blue glass bowl with hand-painted, gold-coloured decoration. Second-hand.